Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Automotive Engine Subsystems

Stonecypher, L. (2010, Mar 4)
Automotive Engine Subsystems from http://www.brighthub.com/engineering/mechanical/articles/34971.aspx

In every automobile engine we have four main systems. It is about conversion of chemical energy into mechanical power. The first one is engine lubricating system, in this system the oil is required to prevent friction between the parts of the engine to decrease the heat produced by contact of the piston with piston cylinders. The engine will be damaged if the heat is not removed. The second system is cooling system, the purpose of this system is to keep the temperature in the engine. The main parts of the cooling system are the radiator and water pump. There are two type of cooling system either liquid or air. The third type is fuel delivery, the purpose of this system is to deliver fuel to the engine. The last system is electrical system.

The article shows the most important systems in automobile. It also shows the importance of every system. People should know these systems, because they see them every day in their cars. I think the article is easy and clear.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What is the pump

Khemani, H. (2010, Jan 29) What is the pump?

A pump is very important for every house; it is mechanical device that is used for moving of water or oil from a tank. The pumps have different types, such as positive displacement pump and hydraulic vane pumps. Almost every pump has impeller that is located inside the pump or near the fluid. The impeller can drive the water without sucking the fluid.
Positive displacement pump:
The most important type of pumps, it force specific amount of fluid from inlet to pump discharge. Always this type is bigger than other types. It has grater power and enormous pressure to move the fluid. This type has different types, which are reciprocating, metering, and rotary. Rotary uses the rotation for moving the fluid from place to another.
Gear pump:
It consists of number of gears. The gear movement is opposite from each other, and the fluid moves with the movement of the teeth.

The article shows the definition of the pump, the importance of the pumps, the different types of the pump and what the most important type is. I think it has important information about the pump. It is very easy to understand. For example, in my country everybody has a pump in his house, so he or she should know the different type of the pump because it will be easy to buy one in the future.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

What is the engine

Khemanimi, H.(2010, Jan. 29)

What is an Engine?
The article talks about the engine and how it is important for us. Every car and airplane has an engine; if we don’t have an engine we can not travel or go to work and life is going to be hard, we can say the engine changed human life. Everybody should know the definition of the engine, it is a device that convert the chemical energy into a heat energy then into a mechanical energy, but we can't use all the energy and convert it to mechanical energy, so some of this energy is lost. However, we have called efficiency of the engine, it depends on the ratio of the total energy to the total thermal energy,
The engines have two types; the first one called Internal combustion engine (IC) in this type the burning of the fuel happens inside the engine, all the cars use this type of engine and it has two common types petrol engine and Compression Ignition Engines. However the second type is External combustion engine in this type the burning of the fuel occurs outside.

I think that the engine is the most important device in mechanical engineering. We are using the engine every day and everybody needs to use the engine at home or outside the home. It is really good article for people who don’t know the engine very well.

Ushered: to lead.
Era: he period of time to which anything belongs or is to be assigned
Achievement: something accomplished, esp. by superior ability, special effort, great courage
Exhaust: the parts of an engine through which the exhaust is ejected
Friction: surface resistance to relative motion, as of a body sliding or rolling.
Broad: main or general
Ignition: a means or device for igniting.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Gear Cupling

Kaarthic,K (2010, Jan, 23)

Gear Coupling From
This article shows the flexible coupling, especially gear coupling which is one of the most important coupling. First of all I want to tell you what the coupling is(it is a device which is used to connect two shafts together). In addition, gear coupling is capable of transmitting high torques that is the force which produces rotation. we can say that the gear coupling is just like a mechanical gear assembly. in terms of parts, it consists of six main parts, internal teethed forged sleeves, flange gasket, external teethed forged hubs, O-ring, Close tolerance connection bolt and lubrication plugs. The external teeth in a gear coupling are divided into three different types , straight Teeth, crowning with constant radius and crowning with variable radius. when we want to select the gear coupling we keep in mind four things: the determination of the torque, service factor needs to be determined, the determination of the equivalent torque and calculate the equivalent torque.

It is good article, the writer explained the important point the reader should know, it mentions the definition of the coupling and the types of the gear coupling, I think it is very easy, but it has a lot of the information.


  1. Complexity: Having many part.
  2. Assembly: Putting together of parts
  3. External: Outside
  4. Hub: Center of activity
  5. Radius: Straight line from the center.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010